Thanks to the warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters (and everything in between) Wisconsin offers prime conditions for good dogs who want to get dirty bad.

Whether enduring the mid-March mud season or weathering Wisconsin’s wintry, dry air, Madison-area pet parents may feel as though they have their job cut out for them. The good news: Green Acres is here to handle the dirty work, at least where your dogs are concerned – allowing you to focus on the important things in life, like work, travel, family, and home.

Here’s how we do it:

Active Care for Active Dogs

Not surprisingly, active dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors get dirtier faster. Our advice? Keep the groomer on speed dial.

At Green Acres, we prioritize the safety and comfort of every pet. Our grooming services are designed for a range of breeds and sizes—especially the active dogs which tend to attract the dirt and debris.

Our goal is getting the gunk off of your dog (and therefore keeping it off your carpets, and your car’s upholstery) so your pup looks and feels brand new. At Green Acres, bathing is more than just a splash and rinse. It’s a thorough process that keeps your dog’s coat and skin in optimal health by eliminating the mud and the muck, as well as excessive hair. Our groomers take special care to tailor your dog’s treatment to seasonal changes and climate conditions, and specialized tools and training ensure a refreshed appearance and a cleaner smell.

A New Coat – Just in Time for Winter

Removal of excess hair through bathing, de-shedding treatments, and thorough blowouts is crucial to prevent matting and knotting. Many breeds have double coats, consisting of a dense, insulating undercoat and a protective topcoat. Shedding this undercoat in the fall helps regulate their body temperature, making them more comfortable in the colder winter weather. Shedding—and all your efforts to rid your home of the excess dog hair—is never-ending.  Green Acres can help pet parents avoid pulling their hair out from the constant cleaning.

Our comprehensive brush-outs not only eliminate dead hair and reduce shedding for your pet, but they also help to evenly spread natural oils, giving your dog’s coat a healthier sheen. And here’s the cherry on top: your vacuum gets a rest (and so do you.)

For pets dealing with skin conditions due to seasonal allergies, Green Acres’ grooming solutions offer much-needed relief from itching – particularly when paired with specialized products like medicated shampoos.

Mitigating Muddy Paws and Mobility Issues

Not only do Green Acres’ grooming solutions make short work of filthy feet (even the stuff in between the toes) but routine nail trims also help to keep your pup healthy. Overgrown nails can contribute to joint problems, which makes monthly nail trimming more than just aesthetics. While nail trimming can be daunting for many pets- and their owners – our professionals are equipped with the tools and the talent to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience.

Beyond Simple Beautification

Obviously, helping our pets look and feel their best is Green Acres’ top priority. But our grooming solutions offer benefits beyond just the superficial. While our groomers are busy bathing and brushing, we can also inspect your pet’s coat and skin for fleas, ticks, scratches, cuts, sores, and even abnormal growths. Detecting these issues early ensures that they receive timely medical attention, safeguarding your pet’s health.

The bonus of professional grooming is relief from the hassle (and heft) of grooming your dog  at home. After all, hauling a dog into the tub might seem like a simple task, but it can be dangerous for both you and your pet. Not only that, but other touches like trimming the hair around your dog’s eyes or paws can lead to injuries for the uninitiated, particularly if the dog is nervous or reacts suddenly. Green Acres’ professional spaces and expert staff ensure your dog’s safety every step of the way.

Here’s one more trade secret: the frequency at which you tap into Green Acres’ grooming solutions directly corresponds to helping your pup stay cleaner, longer. So don’t wait. Reach out to our team today to schedule your next visit.