Have you ever wondered if your canine companion feels lonely when you’re not around? They sure do experience feelings of being lonely.

Loneliness is far from just a human emotion; our canine companions experience it, too. The question is: what can you do to keep those feelings at bay?

Here are three effective strategies to keep your dog happy and engaged when you have to be away from home.

  1. Keep them active. An active dog is a happy dog. Exercise is important for their physical health and their mental well-being. Research from the pet industry has shown that pets remain happy and healthy when they receive activities and human interaction while away from home.

    The dog boarding and dog daycare programs at Green Acres Pet Resort feature a variety of activities and expansive play spaces for exploring and having a good time.

    What activities does your dog enjoy most? Dogs may be dogs, but we understand that every dog has a unique personality and energy level. From participation in our dog daycare program, play time with a small group, or a guided nature walk in our sprawling dog park for exercise and discovery, pet parents can choose the best activities for their pup. In quieter moments, enrichment activities like food puzzles also provide mental exercise by encouraging nose work and problem solving for a tasty reward!

  1. Provide social opportunities. Social interaction is vital for your dog’s happiness. Playtime with canine friends is an excellent way for your dog to socialize, which helps stave off feelings of loneliness. Green Acres Pet Resort provides various opportunities for your dog to meet and play with other dogs.
    • Daycare – Our primary daycare program offers engaging activities designed to keep your dog entertained during their stay. Our Adventurers spend their days socializing and playing in our safe, secure, and supervised play yard with a variety of play equipment and fun games. Our Explorers pair playtime with engaging activities that stimulate the mind. Enriching activities and games such as agility equipment, brain games, and nose work tasks foster a sense of accomplishment and boost confidence in all dogs.
    • VIP Daycare – Designed for dogs that prefer carefully chosen social groups or one-on-one time with a human caregiver, our VIP daycare provides plenty of playtime, enriching activities, and belly rubs in a safe, comfortable, and inspiring atmosphere.
  1. Ensure the Comforts of Home Follow Them Wherever They Go. The transition from home to a new environment can be somewhat stressful for dogs – even if it’s fun-filled. At Green Acres Pet Resort, we strive to replicate the home experience by providing a cozy, welcoming space where your dog can feel secure and loved. From comfortable bedding to personal care, we make sure your dog’s stay is as home-like as possible.Amenities include:
    • Climate-controlled rooms with dog-friendly furnishings, raised cots, and soft bedding.
    • In-suite dining and fresh water around the clock.
    • Gourmet-inspired dog treats made with natural ingredients like chicken, veggies, fruit, peanut butter, and pumpkin.

Yes, dogs do get lonely on their own. But with the right approach, those feelings of solitude can be mitigated. Green Acres Pet Resort is dedicated to providing a nurturing and engaging environment for your dog through our daycare and boarding services. By keeping your pup active, providing a safe, secure, and spacious place to play with other dogs, offering one-on-one attention, and ensuring the comforts of home are always present, we make sure your dog feels loved and cherished, even in your absence. Schedule your first visit today.