Puppy FUNdamentals

Puppy Training IN Deforest, WI: Invest in your puppy’s growth and learning today for a lifetime of happy tomorrows!

The American Veterinary Medical Association says puppy training & socialization should start between 3-14 weeks of age. As soon as vaccinations begin, you can enroll your puppy into puppy preschool classes and other social activities.

Active puppies can learn a lot from quality socialization and training programs.


Experts agree – social pups are successful pups.

Introducing your puppy to new sights, sounds, people, other pets, and experiences at a young age prepares them for future success. Your puppy will romp and play in our spacious, secure yard while being supervised by professionally trained pet care experts.

Free puppy social hour at Green Acres:

  • Introduces a variety of positive and encouraging stimuli
  • Builds confidence and a sense of independence
  • Acclimates to new experiences
  • Eases separation anxiety
  • Initiates a lifetime of learning

Social hour is open to puppies up to 6 months of age.

Puppies must be under veterinary care for vaccinations and be tested and/or treated for internal and external parasites before enrollment.

Registration is required to attend our free Puppy Social Hour. Call 608-889-2100 today!


puppy socialization deforest wi

Special offer for new clients:
Free Introduction Day

The Benefits of Puppy FUNdamentals at Green Acres

  • Whether your puppy’s boundless energy is wreaking a little bit of happy havoc around the house, or you are simply short on time to work on your dog’s problem areas, we offer active programs that can help.
  • Learning through active play and fun games work to build your puppy’s focus and confidence. Confidence reduces fear and anxiety – and eliminates the potential behavioral issues associated with boredom.
  • True learning requires repetition. Our training programs provide the needed structure and consistency that opens up the possibilities of more in-depth training as the puppy matures.
  • Learning requires repetition through the combination of play and focused learning to master new skills. Positive reinforcement and incorporating real-life distractions are the foundation of lasting success.


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Let your puppy run around and play!

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