Puppy Social Hour

Free Social Hour Prepares Pups for Future Success

puppy social hour

Experts agree – social pups are successful pups.

Introducing your puppy to new sights, sounds, people, other pets, and experiences at a young age sets them up for continued success.

Our free puppy social hour will help your puppy:

  • Build confidence
  • Become acclimated to new experiences
  • Overcome separation anxiety
  • Embark on a lifetime of learning

Special offer for new clients:
Free Training Consultation

We offer a FREE Training Consultation where you can meet with one of our training specialists so we can assess your dog and learn about your specific needs. All of this will help us to design a tailored program that fits the needs of your dog and you.

Puppies Love Playtime!

During puppy social hour, your dog will romp and play on our spacious, secure grounds, while simultaneously building confidence and a sense of independence, setting them up for future successes in training and daycare.

Social hour is open to puppies up to 6 months of age (the most formative time of a pup’s life).

These free one-hour sessions are led and supervised by professionally trained pet care experts who will facilitate proper play, while introducing your pup to a variety of positive and encouraging stimuli, including:

  • New friends
  • New games
  • New places to explore
  • And more!

Give Your Puppy a Great Start

Give your pup a head start on life. Our free puppy social hour gets the ball rolling, and is a great precursor to enrolling your dog in a daycare program.

Registration is required for Green Acres’ free Puppy Social Hour. Puppies must be under veterinary care for vaccinations and be tested and/or treated for internal and external parasites before enrollment.


puppy play time

Let your puppy run around and play!

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