How often do most dogs go to daycare? It’s a common question among pet owners. The answer hinges on several factors, including your dog’s social preferences, energy levels, age, and your busy schedule.

Consider the following questions when coming up with your pup’s weekly itinerary:

Does Your Dog Enjoy Being Around Other Dogs?

Dogs thrive on social interaction. At Green Acres Pet Resort, all guests engage with peers in a safe, structured environment designed with their physical and emotional health in mind. Our Adventurer daycare program offers ample playtime and caters to social butterflies who love making new friends.

Veterinarian-owned and operated, Green Acres understands the importance of having a safe, secure place to spend the day while mom or dad is at work. Ensuring a smooth transition into the daycare environment relies on the careful introduction of every dog to the playgroup. The Green Acres team prioritizes this crucial step, recognizing its significance in fostering a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all dogs. Our experienced daycare staff tailors the approach to each dog, gauging their comfort levels and ensuring their safety within the group dynamic. This process helps us in recommending the right group for your dog to have the best experience.

What is Your Dog’s Energy Level and Age?

Young, active dogs often require more exercise and stimulation, which daily daycare sessions provide in spades. Multiple play yards, including Green Acres’ two private, multi-acre  parks, offer safe and gratifying spaces for dogs to run, play, and discover while carefully curated programs provide the activities and social experiences your dog enjoys most.

On the other hand, older dogs or those preferring a bit less hustle and a more comfortable experience might benefit from Green Acres’ VIP daycare program, which offers personalized attention, carefully chosen playmates, and activities tailored to their needs for health and wellness.

What Do You Have Going On?

For pet parents working long hours or away from home regularly, quality daycare programs can be an absolute lifesaver, preventing boredom and warding off mischievous or destructive behaviors in dogs. After all, despite a pet owner’s best efforts, providing routine outlets for exercise and interaction can be a true challenge when juggled with other day-to-day responsibilities. Daycare provides an ideal solution, providing a variety of enriching activities that stimulate a pet’s body and mind.

That being said, professionals who work from home or have a somewhat more flexible schedule may be interested in daycare simply as a great way to keep their pup regularly socialized and may require only a few weekly visits.

Has Your Dog’s Behavior Changed?

Dogs showing signs of boredom or anxiety—like excessive barking or destroying personal items–when left alone should raise a red flag that something more is needed. The stimulating environment a daycare program provides may just be the ticket. Regular attendance can transform behaviors, turning a potentially wayward dog into a content and happy pet.

Green Acres offers an Explorer daycare program that engages the dogs in the Adventurer or VIP programs in guided enrichment activities like puzzles, nose work, and obstacle courses. Exposure to these mental stimulating activities and new experiences in a positive atmosphere can boost a dog’s confidence and help reduce unwanted behaviors associated with separation anxiety.

So, how often do most dogs go to daycare? There’s no correct answer. After all, your dog is not most dogs. At Green Acres, we pride ourselves on offering flexible daycare options to suit every guest’s unique needs, whether that’s five days a week for the spirited adventurer or a couple of days for senior pets.

Set against the rolling hills of DeForest, WI, Green Acres Pet Resort has made a name for itself as a comprehensive and compassionate pet care resort while nurturing guests and catering to their personalities.

Our goal is to ensure each dog enjoys the best possible experience, tailored to their unique personalities and preferences. Discover the difference at Green Acres. Reach out to the team today to schedule your first visit and give your dog the gift of joy and companionship.