How do we tell our pets we love them?

Every pet owner has likely wondered from time to time if their dog or cat realizes just how much they’re adored.

Here’s the good news: even though our pets may not understand our words, per se, they are exceptionally attuned to our gestures and our tone of voice. Demonstrating our feelings through eye contact, gentle touches, and positive reinforcement speaks volumes. In other words, we’re telling our pets we love them with every scratch behind the ears and every tantalizing treat that satisfies their tummies. And those expressions don’t necessarily end when you and your pet are apart.

Here are just four great ways you can show your pets you care:

  1. Verbal Communication and Physical Touch

There’s no question: talking and/or singing to our pets and reaffirming our love for them daily helps to drive home the message that they are a vital part of our lives. A pat on the head, scratches behind the ears, or a cuddle session on the couch provides plenty of reaffirmation, as well.

But have you ever wondered if your pet misses those heart-to-heart chats and TLC sessions when you’re away? Of course! That’s why Green Acres Pet Resort makes certain that every guest receives the kind of one-on-one attention that makes them feel right at home.

Whether participating in daycare or staying overnight, your pet will enjoy special touches that include:

  • Active play with other dogs as part of a playgroup chosen specifically for your pet.
  • One-on-one attention, complete with belly rubs, ear scratches, and soothing reassurance from compassionate personnel.
  • A safe, positive atmosphere that delivers on all the comforts of home.
  1. Quality Time and Enriching Activities

Quality time isn’t just a human concept; our pets crave it too.

When we play ball in the backyard or take a long walk around the neighborhood with our dogs – we show them we care about their well-being. When we visit the local dog park or schedule a playdate with the dog next door, we say we want them to socialize and have fun.

Green Acres is all about creating those special moments through a variety of engaging and stimulating activities:

  • Our distinctive countryside setting features acres of play space for dogs to run, explore, and discover.
  • Enrichment activities like brain games, food puzzles, herding balls, nature hikes, and more keep your dog physically and mentally engaged.
  • Themed weeks and special events (like our recent Super Puppy Bowl, Daycare Prom, and Fall Fest) take the fun to the next level.

Introducing your dog to our sprawling, secure, and natural environment is a great way to let them cut loose and have the time of their lives. Here, dogs can participate in daycare fun, complete with pet-friendly play equipment and sensory experiences – or run and explore with a small group of friends chosen just for them.

Cats, too, get their fair share of fun, thanks to Green Acres’ private kitty cottage, and open space for playing, lounging, or sunbathing. Treating your feline friend to a dream vacation? What better way to say, “I love you.”

  1. Food for (Loving) Thoughts

The popular adage suggests the way to a loved one’s heart is often through the stomach. Our dogs – and cats – would likely approve of that message.

After all, who hasn’t made their dog’s day with a well-timed treat?

At Green Acres, we go above and beyond to make mealtimes satisfying. We offer in-suite dining twice daily and fresh water continuously. We also take treats to the next level with gourmet rewards that cater to your pet’s taste buds. These aren’t just any snacks. Made from natural ingredients like chicken, vegetables and fruit, peanut butter, and pumpkin, they’re a delicious way to say “I love you” to your pup and are tailored to their dietary needs and preferences.

  1. Pampering with a Purpose

As devoted caregivers, we frequently take care of our pets’ day-to-day needs at home, from brush-outs to nail trims and beyond. But a comprehensive spa day at Green Acres helps to give your dog a fresh new look and feel. Our grooming professionals have the training, techniques, and tools required to keep your pet’s coat shiny and soft while prioritizing their comfort and health.

  • Spa services to fit every breed and budget.
  • Full-service grooming services (bath and blow dry, full brush-out, haircut or trim, ear cleaning, nail trimming)
  • Full-service bathing services (bath and blow dry, full brush-out, ear cleaning, nail trim)
  • Grooming is available after a lodging stay or daycare visit, as well as 7 days a week, by appointment.

Expert Care When You’re Apart

At Green Acres, our team believes showing love to our pets goes beyond meeting their basic needs. It’s about enriching their lives with joy, companionship, and unwavering care.

With each visit – and with your helpful guidance – we get to know and understand your pet’s likes and dislikes, and we tailor our solutions accordingly, making sure that your dog or cat always knows they are loved and cared for – even when you’re away. Whether boarding your dog, enrolling in our daycare programs, or taking advantage of our grooming services, we help you deepen the bond with your furry friend, ensuring that the love you give is reciprocated in full measure when you are both ultimately reunited.