Dogs thrive on receiving plenty of exercise throughout the day. A professional dog daycare facility will ensure that your pup arrives home tuckered out after a full, fun day of play.

But that’s not all! The best daycare facilities offer pet owners and their pups plenty of additional benefits. Here are just four quality components that set the best in show apart from more fly-by-night facilities.

  1. Customization: Top tier daycare programs go to great lengths to provide the perfect level of social interaction and playtime to fit your dog’s unique personality. Programs are specifically crafted to support the social, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of your dog, and every daycare guest. Many daycares even offer themed events that introduce your dog to new experiences, while delivering an exciting and enriching experience for the entire family.
  2. Complete supervision: Pet parents gain peace of mind knowing their dogs are engaged in safe, appropriate playtime with a social group that has been tailored to their size, temperament, and interests. A professional dog daycare facility will be staffed by pet care professionals who have received extensive training. Overall safety should always be priority number one, with features that include:
    • Secure, fenced-in play yards
    • Plenty of shade and indoor playrooms for when the weather is nasty
    • Exemplary cleaning protocols, including comprehensive housekeeping
    • Fresh water around the clock
    • Daily wellness checks
    • Strict vaccination policies
  3. Variety: Plenty of options make for a happy pup. The right daycare for your dog will run the gamut with exciting activities, social stimulation, one-on-one engagement with compassionate caregivers, and so much more.

Green Acres Pet Resort in DeForest, WI, takes excitement to the next level with a number of fun-filled, dog-friendly activities to fit any personality:

  • Bubble play: Curious canines chase and chomp bubbles to their heart’s content.
  • Nature walks: Guests take a walk on the wild side and enjoy a team-led hike through nature. A feast for the senses.
  • Engaging games and puzzles: Food puzzles and other interactive toys provide guests with plenty of mental stimulation.
  • Topnotch play equipment: Our safe, state-of-the-art play equipment is specifically designed for dogs and their active minds and bodies.
  • Themed events: Celebrate with special events including Tricks for Treats for Halloween and a Bubbles and Ball Drop for New Year’s Eve.
  • Puppy love: As soon as vaccinations have begun, and your puppy has been amply acclimated with various social situations, a professional dog daycare facility can provide a fun-filled first step into a larger, welcoming world.

At Green Acres Pet Resort, our guests are privy to every creature comfort mentioned above – and more! After all, Green Acres is known as “the place to play” by our return customers.

While our guest, your puppy will enjoy acres of secure play yards where they can romp and explore. Rest assured that your pet is receiving the exercise, attention, and companionship they crave while they’re away from home. And right now, new guests receive their first day of daycare for free. Call us at 608-465-4156 to learn more.