As every proud owner of a feline knows: cats can be… quirky, to say the very least.

Whether it’s pawing incessantly at a knickknack until it’s properly knocked off of its shelf, or racing up and down the halls at two in the morning, cats are idiosyncratic to the max.

But… why?

Here are just a few brief insights into the thoughts of those purrfect, persnickety cats we love.

Why Do Cats Climb?

Dating back to their sabertoothed ancestors, cats are predatory animals.

But they have also served prey for other, larger animals for practically just as long.

Why do cats climb? Their penchant for perching serves two purposes: Not only does it give them a supreme vantage point, where they can survey potential meals, like rodents, rabbits, and other woodland creatures – but also, historically, they have hunted for birds in the tippy tops of trees.

Climbing is also a means of escaping animals that would make a cat their meal. If you’ve ever seen a dog invade a cat’s personal space outdoors, the cat’s first inclination is to scale the nearest structure. Verticality is key. The higher they climb, the safer they feel.

That’s why more and more veterinary offices and pet resorts are implementing shelves in their exam rooms and play areas. The sense of liberation climbing provides our feline friends is invaluable. After all, even our indoor pets can’t shake that knack that they should be outdoors hunting.

What’s With Knocking Stuff Over?

“Curiosity killed the cat.” In our estimation, that adage may be a bit severe – but it certainly keeps them occupied.

You may have noticed your cat sometimes just can’t help itself, and must bat about any and everything it finds in its path.

There’s no big mystery here: they’re simply playing and having some fun.

Being a natural hunter, paired with an intrinsic curiosity, these instincts give way to exploration throughout the day. It helps them to learn about their surroundings while doing so at a moderately safe distance. A simple swat with an outstretched paw is a fine way to determine if a strange object is inanimate or something that might need a good chase.

And the Sitting in Boxes Thing? Or Sinks?

Cats can’t resist an empty box. Simply buy your cat a luxury toy item and watch in defeat as they play with the packing material instead.

Ambush predators by nature, cats enjoy the thrill of the sneak attack, lunging from the darkness. An empty Chewy box is often a worthy substitution for that jungle cave of their ancestors, and scratches that itch just right.

Cramming themselves into the smallest space possible also gives cats a sense of security. So, whether it’s a box or the bathroom sink, that small enclosure offers them a sense of calm and comfort.

OK – But How Did My Halls Become a Racetrack in the Middle of the Night?

Ah, the zoomies. How our cats love them. And how we are simultaneously startled and strangely fascinated by them.

Unlike their owners, cats have exceptional eyesight in the dark. It may be the dead of night to us, but for our cats – the party is just getting started.

And if their full-speed antics happen to wake up the hands that feed them? Who’s to argue? Not our cats, that’s for sure.

Cats love attention, too. Even if these engagements are occasionally negative and involve reprimands, they still get the interaction and consider that a win in their book.

In case you’re keeping score, that’s, 4 for our cats, and 0 for us. But, really, by simply being a cat owner, we’ve already won big time.

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