Everyone always talks about the perks our pups (and cats) will enjoy when vacationing at a pet resort: group playtime, special activity packages, tuck-in services, and so much more.

But many pet owners boarding their pet for the first time might not know how to reacclimate once everyone is back home together.

Here are a few examples of what to expect after boarding your pet, and how you can help with the transition:

  • Vacations can be exhausting. You know the feeling. The beach is fun, but all of the packing and repacking and cleaning and traveling afterwards can take it out of you. Our pets can feel the exact same way. After taking daily nature walks and making new friends in the play yard, dogs may simply want to doze off for a bit when they return home. And cats, too. Climbing shelves and chasing toys can tucker a tabby out. So don’t be alarmed if your pet passes out shortly after arriving home. They’re just recharging for the next resort trip.
  • It’s time for some TLC: Let’s face it: your dog is over the moon whenever you reunite, whether you’ve been gone for one minute, or one week. And the cat – well, cats may not even acknowledge you were ever apart. But make no mistake: your animals are glad you’re together again. And while they enjoyed having their every need catered to by resort staff and caregivers – and had a blast participating in activities and games – now that they’re back home, they will crave some extra one-on-one time. So, be sure to show them plenty of love and let them know they were missed.
  • Drinks on the house! Water, that is. And what better way to celebrate your pet’s happy return! Your pet resort made absolutely certain fresh water was provided around the clock, but plenty of playtime, exploration, and new adventures can contribute to increased thirst. So just don’t be surprised if the water bowl needs replenished more often than usual. Similarly, appetites may vary. Your dog may seem starved after burning so much energy in their new play group or be too tired to eat. Continue encouraging a normal feeding schedule and simply give it time.
  • Get back to basics: Routine remains important. Vacations are awesome, but at some point, everyone needs to get back into the swing of things at home. So, resume regular feeding times, outdoor breaks, and other components of your daily regimen. Be aware that some pets occasionally experience stomach upset or diarrhea after a drastic change in routine. A balanced diet is key to keeping our pets healthy. If changes become worrisome, contact your veterinarian for advice.

Veterinarian-owned and operated, Green Acres Pet Resort specializes in vacations that put your pets at ease while keeping them fully engaged with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation throughout their stay. Our unique rural setting delivers acres of expansive play yards to explore, and satisfied pets frequently arrive home tired from rigorous activity, but eagerly awaiting their return visit. Right now, new guests receive a free night of boarding. Call 608-889-2100 to make your reservation today – or if you have any questions about what to expect after boarding your pet.