Pet resort play and learn programs are becoming increasingly popular. These dog training programs pair the activities and exercise that dogs crave with basic obedience and social-skill training. Since socialization is included, it’s perfect for puppies. These programs also provide a convenient, all-in-one option for busy pet parents, who are seeking training options that fit their schedules.

Many new pet parents may feel overwhelmed when the true responsibilities of raising an energetic young dog ultimately settle in. But play and learn programs hosted by quality pet resorts help owners and their animals form a stronger bond while receiving continuous support from trained pet professionals.

Showing your dog how to better interact with other people and dogs is a huge step towards better communication and increased confidence.

Here are three important benefits play and learn programs deliver:

  1. Balance. Whether your puppy’s boundless energy is wreaking a little bit of happy havoc around the house, or you are simply short on time to work on your dog’s problem areas, play and learn programs can help. They offer the convenience and benefits of a robust daycare program paired with customized training that matches your goals. Active daycare curriculums for both puppies and older dogs allow pets to thrive in a social atmosphere while allowing for the concentrated training sessions many busy pet parents prefer. The program provides a steady itinerary for your pet, and a supervised, secure day of play. This ultimately enhances and enriches your relationship with your pet overall.
  2. Engagement. Because daycare programs are tailored to the activities your dog dreams about, their buy-in is immediate from the start. Learning not only transpires during daily training sessions but lessons are reinforced as dogs socialize with pet caregivers and other dogs throughout the day. This physical, intellectual, and social stimulation works to build your dog’s confidence, which reduces fear and anxiety – and eliminates the potential behavioral issues associated with boredom.
  3. Reinforcement: True learning requires repetition, which is accomplished through a combination of play and focused training. Play and learn programs offer the needed structure and consistency while opening the door to more in-depth training down the road.

Green Acres, for example, offers two additional programs that teach basic skills your dog will need throughout life. Comprehensive six-week sessions use positive reinforcement while introducing foundational concepts. Small class sizes (6 dogs max) allow for more one-on-one attention.

In addition to our Puppy Foundations class, which teaches boundaries, good manners, and correct behavior, we also offer a more in-depth Proper Petiquette class, which helps older puppies and adult dogs build confidence via positive introductions to obedience skills, hand signals, proper greetings, and so much more.

Green Acres wants to help you give your pup a head start on life. Our Play and Learn training program will get the ball rolling with the perfect balance of socialization, exercise, rest, and learning for all breeds and personalities. Your pet will benefit from multiple one-on-one training sessions with a professional trainer daily, bolstering good manners and strong skills.

Find out what a full day of fun and learning can do for you and your dog. Contact us today to learn more.