Nestled between Waunakee and Sun Prairie is Green Acres Pet Resort, a haven for dogs (and cats!) that provides more than just boarding and daycare solutions; it offers an immersive experience tailored to every pet’s unique personality and needs.

Two of Green Acres’ experienced team members, daycare attendant Avery and bather recently shared what makes their work here so special.

What makes Green Acres stand out, says Avery, is its dedication to inclusivity.

“I like that Green Acres has multiple program options for dogs depending on play style,” Avery says.

Taylor agrees. It’s the tailored care that the dogs receive that makes Green Acres so special. Amenities, such as multiple play yards and a five-acre dog park, provide pet owners with the ability to customize their pet’s experience.

“I appreciate how our guests have the flexibility to either play in a group or enjoy one-on-one time with an employee or even another dog,” Taylor says, adding that understanding each dog’s comfort level and needs is paramount.

The Green Acres team is trained on pet introductions, encouraging confident, positive behavior between guests. Caregivers watch body language closely, looking for signs that guests have compatible play styles. No matter what, Green Acres always emphasizes inclusivity when selecting group programs that are best suited for its guests.

Some dogs, however, simply aren’t a match for big group activities, and that’s OK. For those pups, Green Acres’ customized VIP daycare program focuses on activities that the dog enjoys most, whether playing in smaller groups or engaging in one-on-one activities with a member of the daycare staff.

And, rain or shine, Green Acres ensures a fun-filled day for all its furry guests.

“I love that the play yards have so much fun equipment like pools, ensuring that when it’s hot out, the dogs can cool off,” Avery continues. “Plus, there are a bunch of activities available including nature walks, games, enrichment activities, and one-on-one time. If the dogs get tired and need a nap, we have cozy spots for them to sleep.”

But the meticulous care, amenities, and activities offered at Green Acres are not simply for play’s sake. Avery emphasizes the deeper purpose behind them.

“All of these activities are beneficial for the dogs. First, they don’t have to spend the day home alone,” Avery says, adding that the Green Acres team is always on hand to help dogs socialize and interact with other pups while ensuring guests get ample exercise.

“Green Acres gives your dog exercise by giving them a chance to play as much as they want. It not only keeps them in shape but is also crucial for their mental well-being.”

Taylor concurs. “The programs here ensure dogs can get their energy out and enjoy a safe haven while their parents are busy at work or on vacation.” It’s a win-win for both the dogs and their parents.

But what’s particularly unique is that the people who work for Green Acres enjoy it every bit as much as the pets do.

“I enjoy waking up every morning and coming to Green Acres,” says Taylor, who notes that going that extra mile is made easier because of the winning environment. “I’m always willing to do more work instead of just rushing out at the end of the day.”

At the heart of Green Acres Pet Resort, it’s evident that the love and dedication of its staff resonate in every corner, and with every caregiver.