Let’s face it – giving your pet grooming treatments is not fun. We know you want to spend more fun time with your dog by:

  • giving fewer baths,
  • spending less time vacuuming up dog hair,
  • avoiding your dog because of bad breath,
  • and covering up nicks and scratches on your floor.

How can you avoid these unpleasant parts of sharing your life with a dog?

Bring your dog to the Green Acres Pet Resort Bathing Spa for the answers!

The Bathing Spa at Green Acres Pet Resort offers four essential pet grooming treatments that pamper your dog and make your life better, too. Yes, bathing, brushing, and trimming nails can be done at home, but partnering with a grooming professional can be a rewarding relationship! When your dog’s skin, coat, and nails are healthy and beautiful, the results are fewer problems (and chores) that need your ongoing attention.

Ask for these specific pet grooming treatments by name when you schedule an appointment.


Got Shed? We have the solution!

Dog hair is snuggly and soft on your dog, but not on the furniture, the floor, or your pants. Our Shed Control Treatment is superior to traditional de-shedding treatments. When performed at regular intervals, the shed control treatment dramatically reduces that mountain of unwanted hair.

Excellent for long or short coats, shed control will give both you and your vacuum a rest.


If your dog walking across a room sounds like a troupe of tap dancers, it might be time for a pet pedicure. Long nails can be uncomfortable and can cause limping, infection, pain, and even injuries to the paws and tendons.

Superior to a nail trim, nail filing is a perfect addition to any spa visit. A professional pedicure produces shorter, smoother, rounder nails.  That means less damage to rugs, clothing, and you!


Dogs generally do not enjoy having their teeth brushed, but stinky pet breath is gross. The Fresh Breath Service is convenient and effective in killing the germs and bacteria that lead to stinky breath. You’ll love your dog’s fresh kisses and the positive reactions from others expecting to be met with stinky pet breath.


Have you ever smelled your dog’s feet… from across the room?

Skin disorders can cause flaky, itchy, stinky problems, which worsen if not properly treated. Our professional grooming technicians can help address troubling skin conditions by assessing your pup’s skin and coat, and recommending the best products and care regimen for positive results.

Our grooming technicians uses Iv San Bernard (ISB) professional grooming products. The high-quality, specialty shampoos and products have a reputation for successfully helping pets with skin and coat problems.

A skin and coat treatment can protect dry skin and hair by adding moisture, especially during the harsh winter months.

Green Acres Pet Resort is excited to announce that our bathing professionals, Carly and Kyla, are enrolled the Level 1 Groom Tech program with The Paragon School of Pet Grooming. This foundational course covers pet handling, bathing and drying, brushing, clipper handling, nails, ear cleaning, finishing techniques, sanitation, and customer support. The 5-week program includes on-line learning with videos and a study guide, interactive tests, and practical work with a Paragon mentor before submitting photos for a final assessment and certification.

Call Green Acres Pet Resort at 608-889-2100 to schedule an appointment with our expert team of caring grooming professionals.