Have you booked your dog or cat an extended vacation at Green Acres Pet Resort? Great! Plenty of rest, relaxation, and recreation await your pet.

Before arrival, there are a few things you, as a pet owner, can do to make your pet lodging experience hassle-free. Check out these great tips for express check-in.

1) Complete All Forms in Advance

Paperwork is a pesky, but necessary part of the pet lodging process, and all of the necessary forms required for your pet’s stay are available via the Green Acres website. Making sure that all forms are filled out in advance online is a great way to expedite check-in. Because details, like phone numbers, dietary changes, or medical needs can change frequently, a new form must be filled out before each visit. Confirming that your contact information is accurate is also a huge help to resort staff.

2) Meals

Green Acres offers in-suite dining twice daily and continuous fresh water for your best pal. We serve nutritious, veterinarian-approved meals, but can also cater to your pet’s unique dietary needs and serve any diet you provide.

When packing meals for your pet, be sure to separate portions in clear, sealable bags and include the number of servings per day that your pet is accustomed to (do not send store-bought packaging or large containers). Include your pet’s name on each bag, to avoid confusion.

3) Medicine

If your dog or cat requires medication, send enough for their entire stay. Provide pet lodging staff with detailed dosing instructions and send all medication in the original veterinarian-provided package. As with food, make sure everything is marked with your name and your pet’s name. Also, label all over-the-counter meds.

4) Vaccinations

Whenever (and wherever) you make a pet lodging reservation, it is important to ask which vaccinations are required for your dog or cat’s stay. Your veterinarian has detailed records of your pet’s status. If anything is lacking, be sure to make an appointment and get current before booking a pet resort stay, and bring proof at check-in.

By taking just a few advance steps, you can ensure that your pet lodging check-in goes smoothly and safely. When you’re calm, your pets will remain calm. And your confidence will help encourage them and prepare them for a fun and memorable stay.

At Green Acres Pet Resort, our team wants to make your dog’s stay as relaxing as possible. If you require special accommodations or changes due to your dog or cat’s breed, age, personality, or for any other reason, our professional caretakers are ready and willing to assist you with your reservation. Call 608-465-4156 to learn more.