Set against the rolling hills of DeForest, WI, Green Acres Pet Resort has nurtured countless dogs with its specialized daycare programs and a commitment to consummate care. Here, every guest is unique, with their own quirks, needs – and stories. In short, there’s a tale behind every tail that wags happily at our resort.

Here are three of our favorites:

Vixy: The Energetic Mosaic

A jubilant mix of Shetland Sheepdog, Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie – and just a smidge of mystery – Vixy previously brought a veritable storm of energy with her wherever she went.

Before enrolling in Green Acres’ daycare program, this exuberant pup – just over a year old – often found herself into some household mischief, as her owner April Pache’s chewed shoes could attest.

However, Vixy’s dog daycare experience at Green Acres has been nothing short of transformative.

With a routine that allows her to constructively channel her high-spirited nature, Vixy now returns home at the end of a productive – and busy – day calm and content, leaving her shoe-chewing days behind. Better yet, her excitable nature is most evident when she’s en route to the resort, barking melodiously while flashing her endearing smile at the staff.

“Vixy has become a staple in our group daycare,” says Ben Hansen, resort manager for Green Acres. “Vixy is small but enjoys all shapes and sizes of playmates, loves our staff, and has some of the cutest mannerisms! Daycare has provided her with a great way to become confident around other dogs, blow off steam, and add structure to her routine.”

For Vixy’s family, this newfound Zen means more peaceful evenings and less concern about her finding new household items to sink her teeth into.

“It’s less stress for me when I don’t have to constantly be worried about her getting into things and can focus on the kids, making dinner, schoolwork, and more,” April says.

Chico: An Ambassador from Afar

Having moved across multiple states, Chico, an Aussie cattle dog/blue heeler mix, initially faced challenges adapting to his new surroundings. His introduction to Green Acres was pivotal in bringing out the vibrant, more confident side of this energetic breed.

According to owner Lisa Jacobs, Chico began attending Green Acres’ daycare immediately following a difficult cross-country trip to Wisconsin.

“He became more anxious and reactive right after our move, and I had started a job that didn’t allow me to be with him during the day.”

At Green Acres, Chico began interacting and ultimately bonded with team member Lauren.

“He became so excited to see her upon arrival, I was confident this was the place for him,” Lisa says.

Though initially struggling with some anxieties like leash reactivity, the diligent staff at Green Acres crafted a customized approach for Chico.

Operation Chico was a success.

The team’s intuitive solutions, such as meeting Lisa at the daycare yard gate for a smooth handover, are a testament to the care and expertise embedded in their approach.

Today, Chico serves as a stalwart daycare ambassador for Green Acres, forging bonds, keeping peace in playgroups, and even assisting in introducing new dogs to the program.

With newfound trust and joy, Chico is now more open and confident, not just at Green Acres but also at the dog park and other public environments.

Bo: A Gentle Giant’s Awakening

Bo’s dog daycare experience was one of immense transformation. A 2-year-old Great Dane, his massive stature stood in stark contrast to his fragile confidence.

Bo – a rescue dog who had seen his share of homes and heartbreaks – was initially ridden with anxiety. The mere act of getting out of the car at Green Acres was a significant hurdle, often taking 15 minutes or more.

“He was nervous just getting out of the car, being around people or other dogs he didn’t know,” Bo’s owner Leah Bradfield recalls. “He used to shake and tuck his tail everywhere we went.”

Leah wanted Bo to know that there was something beyond fear for him; that the world needn’t be a scary place. The veterinarian-owned-and-operated Green Acres seemed like a perfect fit.

“I enrolled him because I wanted him to gain some confidence and be comfortable around other people besides me. I hoped he might get to a point where he would be able to play with other dogs. I also did it because – although we go on daily walks – I wanted a couple of days a week where I knew he was having fun and getting exercise while I was at work.”

With patience, persistent love, and help from Leah and the Green Acres staff, daycare helped to mold Bo into a confident, joyous giant. Where once he hesitated to approach anyone apart from his owner, he now greets the Green Acres staff with enthusiasm and has readily approached guests and other family members at home.

The once fearful Dane, terrified of even the household cats, has grown to comfortably coexist with and even befriend them. His transformation is not just evident in his play at Green Acres but also in his increased comfort and confidence in other social settings.

“I am so happy with our experience here,” Leah exclaims. “I love that the employees love Bo just as much as I do. I love that they keep me up to date on how his day went and the progress he has made. I am very appreciative of their help in getting him to be more comfortable and have less anxiety.”

The Green Acres Effect

At the heart of Green Acres Pet Resort, understanding and patience are key. Each guest, regardless of their background or disposition, is met with tailored care to ensure their well-being and growth.

While Vixy, Chico, and Bo each have unique tales to tell, they converge on one central theme—the exceptional and transformative care at Green Acres Pet Resort. Whether it’s for playful interaction, building confidence, or simply getting pampered at the spa, Green Acres stands as a haven for all furry friends and their families.


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