Well, it’s back-to-school season once again. Backpacks are packed, Trapper Keepers are stuffed with fresh, new homework assignments, and kids are in classrooms engaging their brains after three months of water parks and video games.

But what about our fur kids? Believe it or not, our pets crave mental engagement, as well. While they’re watching their human brothers and sisters board the school bus, they may be thinking “What about me?”

Without sufficient mental stimulation, dogs may become bored or anxious – and can frequently get into mischief as a result. Brain games and puzzles for dogs are a great way to provide this integral component, be it agility training, nose work, hide-and-seek games, or learning a new trick.

The best pet resorts place a distinct emphasis on your dog’s mental satisfaction, as well as the physical.

At Green Acres Pet Resort, for example, a basic Adventurers program allows dogs to socialize with fellow pets in a safe, supervised environment. Sensory experiences and full-throttle exercise and play keep things interesting until pick-up time.

Green Acres offers a unique Explorers program, too. Recommended for all dogs, this option offers plenty of time to run, romp, and play with good friends – just like the Adventurers program – with the added bonus of mental exercises, like foraging and nose work, and other special activities

Experts agree that mental stimulation is essential for a dog’s health and happiness. Some say that just 15 minutes of brain games and puzzles for dogs is as tiring as a 30-minute walk.

Some popular Explorers activities include:

  • Herding balls
  • Nature hikes
  • Nose work and bacon-flavored bubbles
  • Fun-gility and tunnel work

“We’ll often hide treats in guests’ rooms, which helps to stimulate their brain and give them a bit of extra activity instead of just physical,” Feasel says.

Rubbery, wonderful Kongs are a favorite brainteaser at Green Acres, she says. But even something as simple as hiding a treat under an overturned metal bowl can give dogs a run for their money and ultimate reward.

“In many cases, some of our older dogs cannot have as much physical playtime. So, our Explorers program offers a lot of enrichment for these dogs. They’re still getting stimulated, without overexerting themselves.”

From Adventurers to Explorers to pets who just like to kick back and chill, there’s something for every dog at Green Acres Pet Resort. Our daycare programs are custom tailored to each guest, offering optimal engagement and excitement. Our acres upon acres of countryside property provide the perfect field trip for any dog. Find out why pet parents and veterinarians prefer our brand of dog daycare. Schedule your dog’s visit today!