Somehow, spring break always seems to sneak up on us after a long chilly winter, doesn’t it?

Well, guess what? Blue skies and sunshiny days are practically here again. Haul out the beach chairs and the little drink umbrellas.

Everyone enjoys a chance to kick back and relax and enjoy some rays after a long winter, and that includes our furry friends. If you and your family will be making a beeline to the beach this season, boarding your pet for spring break can offer extensive peace of mind, while providing your pet with the pampering it deserves (just without the Mai Tais).

Check out the four biggest benefits of boarding your pet for spring break below:

  1. Peace of mind makes paradise somehow sunnier: Simply knowing that your best pal is being taken care of in a safe, secure environment can ensure that everyone on vacation will have a great time. The best pet resorts employ skilled staff members who are committed to delivering top-notch care for every dog that walks (or runs) through their doors.
  2. Five-star service (and a 5-acre play park): Luxury pet resorts offer far more than just a warm bed where your dog can sleep. At Green Acres, we recognize that each dog has a unique personality and needs, and our dedicated team goes above and beyond to cater to both. We are also happy to assist you with any special accommodations or adjustments based on breed, age, personality, or beyond.

While you’re working on your tan, you can rest assured our specialists will be working to ensure your pet is living its best life.

Our amenities include:

  • Daily housekeeping with exemplary cleaning protocols
  • Extended staff hours for optimal supervision
  • In-suite dining twice daily
  • Fresh water – always
  • A comprehensive Resort Report documenting your pet’s experience at check-out time.
  1. A sense of adventure: What is spring break without a bit of excitement and escapism, after all?

At Green Acres, dogs can run, play, and explore our massive 5-acre park that stimulates their sense of full-speed fun and allows them to socialize with similarly matched pals.

  1. The purr-fect getaway: That’s right, cats can benefit, too. It’s a broad misconception that our cats prefer isolation and could care less where you go or what you do. Sure, while our feline friends are far more independent than our canine companions, they still crave attention and the occasional cuddle. (And cat owners know how vocal they can get about mealtime.)

At Green Acres Pet Resort, our two-level, luxury cat condos are furnished with feline favorites like perching shelves where your pet can observe everything from an elevated view. We also offer accommodations for families with multiple cats, allowing “siblings” to room together.

  1. Itineraries are still important: As much as boarding your pet during spring break offers them a vacation of their very own, schedules are still high priorities. From potty breaks to feedings to playtime, our pets crave structure and routine that resembles their home environment. Upon check-in at Green Acres, our expert staff will learn more about your dog or cat’s health, habits, and any special instructions regarding their home routine. This way, we can make sure everything goes smoothly while you’re away.

Green Acres can’t wait to celebrate spring break with your pet. We specialize in personal attention, belly rubs, and so much more. Whether delivering delicious gourmet dog treats made with natural ingredients or helping your pet look and feel its best with optional bathing service before check-out, spring break 2023 is poised to be the best yet for your four-legged friend.