Sure, winter can be ruff. But don’t let the colder temperatures and the earlier nights limit the amount of exercise and play your pet receives.

Studies have shown how much healthy activities improve pet health. From walks around the neighborhood to running with other four-footed pals to playing a rigorous game of catch, staying active is key to keeping our dogs – and cats – mentally stimulated and physically fit.

There are untold benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle for our pets, such as:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Improved digestion
  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced flexibility and agility
  • Mental acuity
  • Positive behavior

Not only do activities improve pet health, but they also can keep your wallet from being prematurely empty. Proper exercise and nutrition help to prevent disease, illness, and injury, which ultimately translates into long-term savings in veterinary care over a dog or cat’s lifetime.

Better yet, they’re better for us, too. Not only do activities improve pet health, but they also improve pet owner health, to boot. And spending just an hour or two together every day can be vastly beneficial.

Consider the following activities:

  • Walks (or jogs) around the neighborhood or park. (Bonus tip: Hiking trails offer a great opportunity to explore together!)
  • Pull toys for tug-of-war and building muscle.
  • Hide ‘n’ seek to make your pet (cats OR dogs) work slightly harder for their treats. (Kongs are great!)
  • Cat trees with a scratching post keep kitties climbing and engaged, while window perches encourage exploration and enrichment.

Choosing a quality pet care collaborator is another great way to ensure your pet is never lacking in an abundance of healthy exercise and playtime.

Whether being boarded boarding for an extended visit or engaging in a fun day of play with other pets, studies have also found that dogs and cats who enjoy a variety of activities and social interaction when away from home are ultimately happier AND healthier.

At Green Acres Pet Resort, for example, our activity specialists ensure that your pet will have plenty of quality time with both caregivers and other animals, whether running, exploring, and socializing in our play yards, scaling our perch shelves, enjoying one-on-one attention from our staff, and so much more.

Here, guests enjoy the great outdoors in secure, spacious play yards, ideal for year-round fun. Our wooded five-acre dog park fosters a dog’s natural sense of adventure, giving them a massive space in which to run and explore.

Custom play groups pair guests with other pets of similar size and personality, or they can enjoy one-on-one attention – including fun and games – with a specially-trained caregiver.

But the fun isn’t limited to our overnight guests. Doggie daycare enrollees have their own programs to look forward to, filled with activities that improve pet health.

Adventurers spend their days at Green Acres engaging with one another while enjoying play yard equipment, sensory experiences, and genuine adventures supervised by skilled daycare professionals.

Meanwhile, our Explorers take part in activities that stimulate the mind, body, and soul.  Enrichment activities include herding or nose work–tasks associated with your dog’s breed and are perfect for pets that thrive on mental stimulation and a sense of accomplishment. Explorer activities include:

  • Brain games and food puzzles
  • Herding balls
  • Nature hikes
  • Nose work
  • Bacon-flavored bubbles
  • Tunnel work
  • And more!

Finally, our VIP Daycare is perfect for pets that prefer a more intimate setting and attention. Activities are custom tailored to what our VIPs enjoy most, whether one-on-one time with staff, mentally stimulating games, or exercise with a small group (or solo).

Green Acres offers all this and more in a safe, positive atmosphere that delivers the comforts of home amidst comprehensive care. It’s true that activities improve pet health, and our team is passionate about providing your pet with positive and enriching opportunities to get those hearts pumping and tails wagging. Call 608-889-2100 to schedule a visit and learn more.